Terms and Conditions

Alvand Truck & Trailer Service Terms & Conditions

1. Payment Authorization:

By engaging in a transaction with Alvand Truck & Trailer Service Corp., you authorize us to charge your credit card for the total amount due for the services rendered.

2. Credit Card Payments:

All payments must be made by credit card unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. We accept major credit cards, and you agree to provide accurate and current credit card information for payment.

3. Charges and Disputes:

You agree not to dispute any charges without first providing Alvand Truck & Trailer Service Corp. the opportunity to review and address the issue. In the event of a dispute, you must contact us within 15 days of the transaction date to discuss and resolve the matter.

4. Billing Inquiries:

For any billing inquiries or discrepancies, please contact our billing department at 501-588-1600 within 15 days of receiving the statement. Failure to notify us within this period will result in your waiver of any right to dispute those charges.

5. Refund Policy:

Refunds will only be issued under our service terms and conditions. No refunds will be provided for services rendered, and all sales are final.

6. Dispute Resolution:

If a dispute arises, you agree to work in good faith with Alvand Truck & Trailer Service Corp. to resolve the issue promptly. Failure to cooperate in resolving disputes may result in additional charges and may affect your ability to use our services in the future.

7. Chargebacks:

Initiating a chargeback without providing Alvand Truck & Trailer Service Corp. with the opportunity to address and resolve the issue is a violation of these terms. Any unauthorized chargebacks may result in additional fees, legal action, and termination of services.

8. Agreement Acknowledgment:

By engaging in a transaction and using our services, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these Sales Terms and conditions. You further acknowledge that you will not deny charges without allowing us to address and resolve any issues.

9. Governing Law:

These Sales Terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Arkansas.

10. Amendments:

Alvand Truck & Trailer Service Corp. reserves the right to amend these Sales Terms & Conditions at any time. Amendments will be effective immediately upon posting on our website and at the shop.

11. Contact:

If you have any questions about these Sales Terms & Conditions, please contact us at (501) 588-1600.

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